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Saola Shoes… Sustainable kicks that kick back.

Every pair of Saolas will back an environmental conservation project, which means your shoes will support you AND the planet.

Together, we can #MAKEANIMPACT.

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SaolaShoes About

Did you know that the textile industry – that is, the industry that makes our clothing and shoes – is the world’s second largest polluter behind oil and gas?

We didn’t.

And we even worked in the textile industry! We know…in hindsight, seems crazy we missed that one.

So we started a company with a mission to do better.

A company dedicated to designing super cool and comfortable eco-friendly shoes.

A company that thanks to you, will support a healthier planet: A percentage of sales will be donated to environmental conservation projects. And because we know not everyone cares about saving the whales (Ear muffs, whales!), we’ll even give you a few to choose from.

Please join us to help bring positive change to the apparel industry and the planet. Together, we can #MAKEANIMPACT.

SaolaShoes The team
  • Guillaume (aka Gee)

    Childhood outdoor experience that shaped my life:

    I am just a lucky guy as between summer hikes, family ski days and outdoor summer trips,  it’s hard to decide!

    But when I was a teenager, my parents started to rent sailing boats for our summer vacations! We would spend our days on the water, only pushed by the wind, swimming, snorkling, trying to spot dolphins or other sea creatures.

    While I was more of a Mountain guy living in the French Alps, these experiences made me fall in love with the ocean !


  • Aristide (aka Ali)

    I have always been an Ocean guy. When I was a kid, we spent our summers sailing between Brittany and the Southwest of France, but what I remember the most was my first night at sea going from the continent to Corsica. I was a teenager. A night spent under the stars, watching out for ferries and making sure we were following our route. It was so exciting! The cherry on the cake? An amazing sunrise and on the horizon, the fortified city of Calvi, our final destination. I was hooked.

    R+D Manager
  • Maro (aka Mars)

    Childhood outdoor experience that shaped my life:

    At the age of two years old, my mom was pulling me on a sled through the snowstorm of the century and I rolled off (I was chubby…it happens). She didn’t know I was no longer on the sled until she got back to our house, and naturally panicked. After frantically retracing her steps, she found me laying in a snowbank two blocks back, and I’ve loved snow ever since!


    Global Communications
  • Clarisse (aka Craki)

    Childhood outdoor experience that shaped my life: 

    ​I remember my parents ditching me at the ski club when I was around five years old so they could go skiing with my older sisters. In typical dramatic form, I sobbed uncontrollably as they left me with these strange kids I’d never met before, causing quite the scene. Nowadays, you’ll find me shredding pow with my friends every chance I get, and I’ve traded in the tears for big smiles. Well okay – unless it’s super hard or scary.



    French + Enviro Communications
Saola News


It’s been about four months since our Kickstarter campaign wrapped up, and life has been anything but dull! What it has been, is a testament to the power of persistence. Eco-friendly design is still a new concept in the grand scheme of things, and we’ve had to continually push to include the most recycled materials […]

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That’s a Wrap!

That’s a wrap! Actually, that’s not true at all – it’s just the beginning of this adventure! But we have closed the door on our first kickstarter campaign. The results:   Thank you to everyone who contributed, and for all the support we received from friends and family over the course of the campaign. We […]

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